Why importing from China to UK is easy with us?

There is no doubt that a great percentage of the production in this world is coming from China. And when it comes to making the process of importing goods from China easier for you, it is important to use a knowledgeable as well as trusted importer. As per the experts, importing from a country like China can be a challenging task or minefield. However, we can help you with that. Our highly experienced and knowledgeable team will always be there to assist you in different aspects of importing different types of goods from China.

As a reliable importing agent in China, we always listen to your requirements and suggest to you the most cost-effective and the best import solutions. Our experts will carefully compare different shipping options to get the goods out of China in efficient ways.

Our team will also guide you in every step and process, including in declaration and documentation requirements. What’s more? When the goods arrive in the UK, our team will make sure that the consignments clear the customs properly. Furthermore, you will assist you with onward distribution or storage requirements.

Year of expertise and experience in this field

We have dedicated trade managers who always focus on importing goods to the UK from China. Besides, we also have a team of experts based in China. They help us to successfully meet the supply chain requirements of different businesses. What’s more? When you are with us, you can enjoy LCL- Less Container Loads as well as FCL- Full Container Loads shipments. Besides, there will be complete visibility of your order.

Powerful Tools That Can Optimize Your Overall Logistic

As a leading china product supplier and import & export service provider, we have powerful cloud-based tools that can remove all the manual tasks. You can see your stock and shipments in real-time. It also offers valuable insights using which you can spot the trends, improve overall performance, and mitigate possible risks. Using our solutions, one can:

  • Easily track the shipments from China.
  • Access distribution, performance, and stock levels information.
  • Easily book as well as manage different customs clearances.
  • Efficiently automated the process of creating bills of commercial and lading invoices.

We have now invested in advanced and modern technologies in order to automate most of the traditional back-office tasks utilizing Artificial Intelligence. As a result, you will witness a faster process of documentation and increased quality.

Industry Insight

While working with you, we can offer maximum support to your supply chain at the place of origin, i.e., China, as well as the destination, i.e., the United Kingdom. Whether they involve CIF, FOB, or ex-workers, no matter what the terms of shipments are, we can provide you with a complete solution to easily handle imports from China.

We Can Manage All

  • SourcingWe can source different types of products from China. Well, if you already have sourced the goods, then we can work as an investigator. Besides, we can also guarantee on-time payments to the vendors.
  • InspectionWhile importing China Products, we carry out a thorough inspection of goods or shipments through our experienced team in China. So, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the goods.
  • LoadingWe will collect the imported goods from the vendors in China and will offer you containers or warehousing facilities for the goods. Your goods will remain safe with us.

With Us, You Will Enjoy a Complete Logistic Solution

It has been many years, and still, we have been helping businesses navigate the world of logistics and shipping. With us, you can enjoy different modes to import the goods from China, for example, air freight or sea freight. Besides, to make your logistics more efficient, we also provide you with a complete package of 3PL services, for example, onward distribution, warehousing, and customs clearance.

Get In Touch with Us Now

We can be your reliable partner in importing goods from China to the United Kingdom with better logistic facilities, including modern warehousing facilities. We will find the rates are very competitive for a comprehensive freight handling service.

So, if you are looking for a partner that you can trust, you can trust our highly experienced team and us. Choose us and get ready to scale up your business through our agile services.

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