Successful strategies to import from china easily

With time, China has become a leading manufacturing hub in the world. No matter what type of products you are looking for, you will easily find them in China. In fact, there is a rising demand for China products across the world. As per the market experts, importing goods from China can be a successful and effective way of global sourcing for businesses across the world. It has offered an amazing opportunity to both the reseller and buyers.

But importing from China is not an easy task and can be very challenging, especially for those who are doing it for the first time. The product importing process can be costly, confusing as well as complex. On the other hand, delays, various regulatory fees, and changing costs of delivery can also affect your profit margin.

However, you can still make the process simple and successful for you. You can work with the best importing agent in China and follow some simple strategies mentioned here. So, let’s talk about how to import goods from China successfully.

Understand the important rights

When you import goods from other countries, you become an importer. Well, there are many courier service providers, such as FedEx, UPS, DHL, and more, who can handle your orders if you are ordering in small quantities. However, before importing, you will have to understand your import rights.

For example, if you are from Europe, then you need to register yourself as an economic operator and get your EORI- Economic Operator Registration Identification number. You should remember that different import regulations apply to products imported for resale or business purposes. And the customs authority will decide the nature of the products and apply rules accordingly.

What do you want to import from China?

You all know importing the wrong products can lead to a huge loss. So, if you want to make a profit, then choose the right products. Your products will define your brand and help in growth. To understand what products are important, conduct market research and check what types of products are in demand. Besides, collect information about goods like composition, samples, and more. This way, you can determine the tariff classification number.

Check the trade barriers and import tariff

You also need to check for things like international certification, quality standards requirements, and all for successfully importing goods from China. As trade protectionism is rising worldwide, it is recommended to conduct an extensive cost and benefit analysis before choosing any import options. High tariffs can lower profits. And for certain products, UL, CE, and other such requirements and accreditation may be required.

Manufacturers or trading agents

Well, some businesses prefer to buy products directly from the manufacturers. It helps them make better profits, and it facilitates direct communication. But some work with Chinese trading agents. Such agents are committed to huge orders and mass production. Some also offer better deals and can handle the task of pre-shipment inspection for you.

Choose a reliable supplier

Always qualify the wholesalers in China before placing any order. Some suppliers may try to earn money by making stunning business websites. So, a proper background check about the legitimacy of the company is a must. Do some online research, check the license and registration of the company. You can also hire a professional consulting firm for this.

Arrange a good cargo transport

There are different costs involved in shipping goods from China. For example, broker fees, packaging fees, warehouse, container fees, and more. To calculate the total shipping cost, you should combine all these things. You can ask the supplier to offer you a quote on this. If you are happy with that, they will start the process. You can choose between air freight or sea freight when it comes to importing goods from China. Always remember that delays may happen in this process due to some unavoidable reasons. So, you should be prepared and always have a second plan.

Track the cargo and get ready to receive your products

Importing goods from other countries takes time. And shipping goods from China can take more than 14 to 30 days. Well, you will be notified about the shipment status through the arrival notice. When it reaches your country, you need to submit all the required documents to get the products. You can hire a customs broker to deal with the customs clearance formalities.

When it comes to saving money and making a profit, then importing products from China is a good option. And by following these strategies carefully, you can make the whole process comfortable for you.

How to make profit on any product while importing from china?

There is no doubt that China has become a major manufacturer of many inexpensive and unique goods. And by importing China products to your country, you can make more profit compared to manufacturing those products on your own. In fact, most businesses across the world are now working with Chinese suppliers to drive business growth and profitability by earning high margins.

So, if you are planning to establish your own business and want to make a profit faster, then working with the best product sourcing agent in China can work great. But is it really that easy to drive profits from this? Yes, and here are some important points following which you can make it possible.

Understand all the legal requirements

Before you can start importing goods from China, you will have to go through and understand all the legal requirements. Besides, learn about the necessary documentation required for product importing. With proper knowledge about this, you will be able to stay on the right track and can avoid any possible delays.

Find the most profitable product

This is one of the most crucial things to consider, and most entrepreneurs get stuck with this. You should choose the products considering the following factors:

  • Products’ demand in your country
  • High-profit margins
  • Easy to ship
  • Less risk for customer issues
  • Legal to sell

Some of the most popular Chinese products that you can import are hydrocolloid patches, tempered glasses, garlic presses, right lights, backpacks, and more. Well, you can also consult with a reliable China product supplier who can suggest to you some good product that can bring profit.

Work with a professional supplier

Well, after deciding what types of products to import, another important decision you need to make is choosing a professional product sourcing agent in China. Not all China suppliers are good, and the cost will also vary from one supplier to another. Conduct extensive research and explore more about the supplier before finalizing your deal. Don’t go for the scams. Check their licenses, services, import facilities they offer, reviews, and more. A good supplier can help you find the best product and will also assist you in lowering the import costs.

Sell a few samples

Before importing goods from China in bulk quantities, it will be better for you to import a few pieces first and sell them as samples. This will help you to understand whether your customers will like that product or not. Market experts also suggest testing and validating a product first. If people like it, then you can go on and place orders in bulk. Well, for this you need to choose a supplier who can offer you such a facility. Many suppliers prefer to accept only bulk orders to make a profit. But by doing a little research, you can find such a China goods supplier. Some common things that you need to avoid are:

  • Don’t place a bulk order until you have tested their samples.
  • Don’t let a product supplier convince you that they don’t ship sample orders.
  • It is advisable to pay through PayPal or Trade Assurance for at least 3 months. You will eliminate a lot of risk with this.

Ensure the quality of the products

One of the biggest concerns while importing from China is to make sure you are receiving high-quality products. In general, the first shipment of goods you receive will be the best quality products as the manufacturer will try to impress you. However, with time, you may find degradation in the quality. The supplier may start using inferior materials. That’s why you should always specify the core components of the product in the purchase order.

For instance, if you want to import t-shirts, then clearly specify the fabric type you want. On the other hand, for cutlery sets, you should mention what type of stainless steel you want the manufacturer to use for your products. Don’t forget to mention the weight, critical dimensions, packaging style, and more. By telling the supplier about the material type they need to use, you will get quality products.

Choose the right shipping methods

Based on your budget, you can opt for the sea freight or air freight option. If you are importing china products weighing more than 200kg and want to save money, sea freight will be a better option.

By following these easy tips, you can make decent profits by importing and selling Chinese products. But always prefer to work with a reliable and registered China product supplier to enjoy maximum benefits.

Importance and key benefits to import from China

Even though there are a lot of countries on the list of the world’s leading exporters, China is still dominating this sector. As per the latest market analysis report, China is one of the leading countries that have been fueling the importing activities for years. In fact, since the year 2009, China has been enjoying the fame of becoming the largest trading partner of Brazil. Furthermore, it has a robust economic influence in multiple American countries. On the other hand, the country has turned into the largest buyer of various Brazilian products, resulting in around USD 33 billion to 50 billion of the surpluses.

Well, when it comes to establishing a new business where you want to sell electronic or other products in the UK, you can always opt for the import from China to UK option. As the demand for quality good has increase, it has made importing the goods a perfect option for business around the globe. By working with professional and reliable China importers, you will be able to create new markets in your country. Are you looking for some more reasons to import goods from China? Well, explore these points for more information.

The cost of the goods are cheap

Well, this is something that you all know. The price of the goods sold in China is quite low. In fact, it has also been seen that importers can also bargain the cost to make it more affordable. So, importing from China means you can buy more products under your budget.

Reduced import cost

This is another primary reason. Not just one, it has attracted many companies to begin importing products from China. When you import that same product from other countries, it will make you pay more importing costs. But with this Asian country, you will enjoy more benefits. Some market experts have informed, that manufacturing the products and then importing them from China costs less than manufacturing the same products in Europe.

Well, you may think the products’ import costs can increase the product’s overall cost. But the cost of the manufacturing and cost of transport will be lower than manufacturing in the local country. With this, you can become more competitive. How? After importing the goods from China, you can resell the product at a higher price, around 10 times higher than the price you have paid during the import. As a result, you will enjoy a high commercial margin.

You can import rare and unique goods

China suppliers or manufacturers always try to come up with new innovations to create unique products. You will not find such products in other countries. By importing and selling such products, you can make more profits as unique products sell much faster than easily-available products.

You will get better quality products

A lot of people say that Chinese products are not durable and low in quality. Well, don’t believe in such false myths. In fact, goods produced in China are much better in quality compared to products from other Asian countries, like Vietnam. Why? The Chinese manufacturer follows strict product manufacturing and quality testing guidelines so that they can meet the requirements of the European market.

Different payment options

Another major benefit of importing goods into the UK from China is the longest and flexible payment terms. The country has a huge portion of global investments, and it has been seen that the economy of China is accelerating at a higher rate. This has enabled the Chinese manufacturers to provide the clients with some flexible payment options. This has proved to be very beneficial for European businesses or importers.

Can go for large quantities

Most of the companies who are importing products from this country do that in a large quantity. For some importers, this may raise concerns. But you don’t have to worry about this as all the Chinese factories are equipped with advanced technologies and infrastructure to easily handle bulk orders.

You can customize the products

As most of the companies are importing from China, you may think that your products will look the same. However, you can customize the products based on your preferences. Chinese manufacturers always give importance to their customers’ desires. Just tell them the types of products you want, and you can also give your product design ideas. They will work accordingly.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose the best importers from China and start importing cheap, quality, and unique goods from China now. You will enjoy the constant growth of your newly established business.

Why importing from China to UK is easy with us?

There is no doubt that a great percentage of the production in this world is coming from China. And when it comes to making the process of importing goods from China easier for you, it is important to use a knowledgeable as well as trusted importer. As per the experts, importing from a country like China can be a challenging task or minefield. However, we can help you with that. Our highly experienced and knowledgeable team will always be there to assist you in different aspects of importing different types of goods from China.

As a reliable importing agent in China, we always listen to your requirements and suggest to you the most cost-effective and the best import solutions. Our experts will carefully compare different shipping options to get the goods out of China in efficient ways.

Our team will also guide you in every step and process, including in declaration and documentation requirements. What’s more? When the goods arrive in the UK, our team will make sure that the consignments clear the customs properly. Furthermore, you will assist you with onward distribution or storage requirements.

Year of expertise and experience in this field

We have dedicated trade managers who always focus on importing goods to the UK from China. Besides, we also have a team of experts based in China. They help us to successfully meet the supply chain requirements of different businesses. What’s more? When you are with us, you can enjoy LCL- Less Container Loads as well as FCL- Full Container Loads shipments. Besides, there will be complete visibility of your order.

Powerful Tools That Can Optimize Your Overall Logistic

As a leading china product supplier and import & export service provider, we have powerful cloud-based tools that can remove all the manual tasks. You can see your stock and shipments in real-time. It also offers valuable insights using which you can spot the trends, improve overall performance, and mitigate possible risks. Using our solutions, one can:

  • Easily track the shipments from China.
  • Access distribution, performance, and stock levels information.
  • Easily book as well as manage different customs clearances.
  • Efficiently automated the process of creating bills of commercial and lading invoices.

We have now invested in advanced and modern technologies in order to automate most of the traditional back-office tasks utilizing Artificial Intelligence. As a result, you will witness a faster process of documentation and increased quality.

Industry Insight

While working with you, we can offer maximum support to your supply chain at the place of origin, i.e., China, as well as the destination, i.e., the United Kingdom. Whether they involve CIF, FOB, or ex-workers, no matter what the terms of shipments are, we can provide you with a complete solution to easily handle imports from China.

We Can Manage All

  • SourcingWe can source different types of products from China. Well, if you already have sourced the goods, then we can work as an investigator. Besides, we can also guarantee on-time payments to the vendors.
  • InspectionWhile importing China Products, we carry out a thorough inspection of goods or shipments through our experienced team in China. So, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the goods.
  • LoadingWe will collect the imported goods from the vendors in China and will offer you containers or warehousing facilities for the goods. Your goods will remain safe with us.

With Us, You Will Enjoy a Complete Logistic Solution

It has been many years, and still, we have been helping businesses navigate the world of logistics and shipping. With us, you can enjoy different modes to import the goods from China, for example, air freight or sea freight. Besides, to make your logistics more efficient, we also provide you with a complete package of 3PL services, for example, onward distribution, warehousing, and customs clearance.

Get In Touch with Us Now

We can be your reliable partner in importing goods from China to the United Kingdom with better logistic facilities, including modern warehousing facilities. We will find the rates are very competitive for a comprehensive freight handling service.

So, if you are looking for a partner that you can trust, you can trust our highly experienced team and us. Choose us and get ready to scale up your business through our agile services.

Tips to pay less importing fees to source from China

Tips to pay less importing fees to source from China

Suppliers around the globe provide their clients with different types of goods that can perfectly suit your business. You can also find a lower-priced supply for a competitive edge, or you can also go for new supplies that can allow you to sell different products. In 2017, China became the second-largest importer into the United Kingdom.

For the United Kingdom, the desire to import from China to UK is vast. However, this also comes with a cost, and some businesses may find the import fees costlier. In general, import duties are crucial in international trade.

But it has been seen that some businesses or companies are paying more import duties. This can greatly affect the business’s profit. So, you should try your best to keep it low. So, let’s discuss this in detail.

Cost to import from China to UK?

The import tax and import duty from China to the United Kingdom can greatly affect the total cost of imports. All the parties have to pay a certain percentage of UK duty along with VAT. However, for importing duty-free goods, you don’t have to pay these fees. For example, if you are paying £4,000 for your goods to the china product supplier, £600 for the shipping, and there is 3.5 percent of UK duty, then the duty fee for that shipment will be 4000’s 3.5 percent, i.e., £140. On the other hand, VAT is 20 percent of the duty fee + shipping + the total cost of goods. That means 20 percent of £4,740, i.e., £948. Based on that, the total shipping cost will be total cost + UK Duty + VAT, i.e., £5,088.

Lowering the Import Duties

Well, there are different ways you can lower the import duties while importing goods from China. The amount that you pay for import duties will depend on different factors, and if you can control those factors, you can make a better profit margin. The source country can generate different paperwork and forms, and dealing with that can be very challenging. However, it is crucial to keep everything ready before shipping your goods.

While keeping up with the paperwork, make sure that you have properly filled out all the required forms and keep them correctly. If you lose any paper accidentally, then there can be a delay in the shipment. Well, here are some tips that you can follow to keep the importing fees low.

Understand your objectives

Before you can begin importing goods, it will be a good idea for you to know what you are trying to achieve. For instance, you might be looking for a cheaper source of supplies. Or you want to import a certain type of product that is not available in your country. Besides, you should make sure that importing should fit in with your business strategy. So, before start working with a Product sourcing agent in China, first decide your objectives.

Make sure that the goods you are importing are allowed in your country

There are certain goods that are not permitted to be imported. This can vary from one country to another. On the other hand, you need to make sure that the goods that you are importing are subject to any regulations, restrictions, and permits by the governments.

Choose your cargo transport

Broker fees, packaging, terminal handling, container fees, etc., can increase the costs related to Importing China Products. So, consider all these factors. Besides, you need to choose the best way while shipping from China. You can opt for air freight or sea freight. Sea freight can be the cheapest option for you.

Apart from these things, you need to find the current commodity codes for the goods; such codes are used by the customs authorities to know the types of products you are exporting. If you use the wrong code, then you may have to pay duty and tax for those goods. Besides, you should get the EORI number by registering with the United Kingdom tax authorities.

Reasons for Choosing Us for Importing Anything from China

There is no doubt that China has become a global production superpower and has been producing a huge proportion of consumer products. On the other hand, importing from China is a profitable and successful tactic for sourcing different types of goods for some businesses. This offers a great opportunity to both resellers and buyers

However, there are some important things that you need to keep in mind to import from China to UK. First of all, the process is not that easy. For the newbies, the importing process can be very confusing, costly as well as costly. On the other hand, the expected gains can be erased by fluctuating or rising delivery costs, long transit time, unexpected delays, or regulatory fees.

But you can make the entire importing process simple and easier for you by working with professional china importers. Remember that your business potential is not restricted to the local market. You can expand your business to the international market. And for that, you need to import a lot of products. And when it comes to importing goods from China, you can trust us.

A Reliable Service Provider

While China is the largest exporter in the world, the UK has become China’s third-largest import partner. Some of the products that are generally imported from China to the UK:

  • Vehicles
  • Computers and different electrical items
  • Toys
  • Medical equipment
  • Clothing, accessories, and footwear
  • Furniture as well as household items
  • Prefabricated buildings or construction materials

No matter what types of goods you want to import from China, we can help you with this. A leading agency in this sector, we are equipped with the industry’s finest and most experienced team of professional consultants as well as experts. They work together to make it possible for you to import the desires from China without facing any hassles.

On the other hand, as one of the most trusted Importers from China,we also provide the clients with highly verified data reports. The reports will be based on the actual records and operational documents of shipments of the export as well as import data. We try our best to keep ourselves updated with the current market. As a result, you will get updated data of your goods that are being imported from China. What’s more? We are committed to offering transparent and honest services to all our clients.

In terms of pricing, you will find the cost of our services related to Importing China Products quite lower than others. Besides, we also assist our clients in finding the right commodity code for the products they want to import based on the latest UK Government Trade Tariff plans. You don’t have to worry about the VAT rates and duty.

On the other hand, when you choose us, we will register your details with the CHIEF- Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight system. This way, you can easily input the important information online and calculate the payable taxes and duties. You will have this task covered for you.

We Can Offer Customs Clearance

Yes, while dealing with the freight forwarding operations, our team can also easily handle the completion of import and export formalities, like Intrastat, NES customs entry, CFSP messaging, and more at all the major UK ports. Our experts will make sure that your consignment flows through the entire process as smoothly as possible.

We can also offer you the necessary advice on clearance, taxation, and importation procedures. As a registered company, we can guarantee our clients safe and efficient handling of their cargo. We also employ local agents who can help in different aspects of the negotiation, sale, quotation, shipping, and more. We will also suggest you the best wholesalers in China.

Track Your Order Anytime You Want

When you choose to use it for Importing China Products, you can have 24×7 access to your shipment, including invoices, custom clearance documents, tracking information, and more. We have an advanced and powerful integrated system that will automatically upload all the important data. Using that, shipments, orders, inventories, documents, security filing, receipts, and more can be tracked easily.

When it comes to importing goods from China to the UK, one can always trust us to enjoy a safer and faster process. The process will be backed by insurance. So, if anything goes wrong, which is very rare, you can recover your loss. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us now.

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